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Still Hangin' On 5 Days Later!

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Mimi !! Hey, Girl ! So glad to 'see' ya! So glad you like this crazy looking clematis. Everybody who comments on it seems quite amazed. I'm just wondering if the blossoms will be the same next year, or if this one was just a fluke! It's the only one & I was surprised by it, this late.
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers re: my eye surgeries---I need all I can get. Of course, everybody raves about having no problems & getting such great results. Which makes me wonder about those who don't talk about it---the ones with bad results. Nobody with problems are gonna tell you. But I'm an optimist. I'm a think-positive person. But I'm a realistic person-- a 'que sera sera' person. I guess we will 'see' ( I hope!). Hawhawhaw
I and everyone else are still pulling for you, too, you know. We love you...........


I'm so glad I got back to puzzling in time to see this. It is beautiful and I too have never seen one like this before. Thanks for sharing this treasure.

I'll be thinking of you and praying for you and the eye surgery. I had mine done several years ago and it was no problem at all. And great vision afterwards!


Will do---thanks...........


Good luck. Hope everything turns out as good as mine did. Update us when you can.


Hey Pat. First surgery on the 25th. I don't know yet when the other eye will be done. My license expires on the 19th but I can get a sixty day extension under these circumstances. The doctor assured me that my eyes would be healed & ready for new lenses in my glasses, if needed [ :-)) ], way before then. I sure do hope he's right...............
Hey there, Sissel! Thanks so much. It now, though, has sadly gone the way of all blossoms. :- ( But it was beautiful while it lasted...........


So beautiful - still - thanks for sharing Ann :-)


Hi Ann I'm with you on anything coming toward my eyes. But with the twilight sleep you really don't see anything but different colors. My second surgery went a lot better. I think it is because I knew what was going to happen. When are you going to have this done??


Thanks Pat for the hugs & the pep talk. You pretty much iterate what other folks have told me. My problem is not so much the actual fear about surgery---I have had several surgeries in my life. I have a rather high pain tolerance so that doesn't concern me. At work I was always hurting myself somehow & would finish the job before going to the office---broken pinkies, cuts, hard whams to different parts, knocked in the head, sprains, strains, torn knee cartilage resulting in one of the surgeries, & the worst was a crushed big toe with breaks to the two adjacent ones. Plus all the other normal, usual thimgs that you undergo in life. No, what bothers me is not the fear of pain---it's this 'thing' I have about ANYthing coming toward or touching my eyeballs! I cringe & shake just putting eyedrops in---myself! I think we all have something that freaks us out & this is mine! The doctor assured me that I would NOT see ANY instruments--that Twilight Sleep' stuff. I told him he had better be telling me the truth because my legs & feet are programmed to automatically swing out & kick him HARD right where it would hurt him the most if I see anything coming toward my eye! He stated that since he didn't want to be kicked there he promised that I wouldn't know or see a thing.
I will have a very small one removed from one eye first because it will heal faster. Then a few days or a week later , the other one which is more imbedded. So thanks for the reassurance.
I probably wouldn't bother with it except the Fla. Highway Dept. won't renew my license until my vision improves. Lordy, my life sometimes!..........


Hi Ann, Just too let you know. I had the cararact surgery in Sept 2010. It is a very easy surgery. They did my right eye first. And that weekend we went to my daughters for a party and I had to drive home that night. I drove 50 miles with no problem. Two weeks later I had the other eye done and the next day I was able to thread a needle without glasses. I was so amazed. I don't wear glasses now unless it is very small numbers. Hope this helps relieve the fears. Good luck and let me know how you do. Hugs Pat


Hi Tex.Thanks. It finally started dropping petals today. Have faith, Woman! I've come to believe they're like babies---THEY decide when to make their spectacular appearance no matter what we want. And besides yours did bloom too-- remember? Just keep sweet-talking it & treating it nice. It will reward you..........
Elfie, thanks so much for stopping to look again at my weird flower. :-) .........

Hi Pat. I could hardly believe how long it has lasted. I'm doing okay. Now I have the new ordeal of cataract surgery in both eyes. One thing right after the other it seems. But I guess that's life. Thanks, Dear.............


Just beautiful Ann. How are you doing??


It IS fabulous Ann, thanks so very much!!


Wow, Annie, this looks almost like a passion vine. It sure has stayed pretty for a long time. Can't wait till next year and hope mine makes a show. Thanks for a fun jig.


Thanks laurajane. Many have commented that they have never seen a clematis quite like this. I had not realized it was unusual until all the comments, but this is the first blossom so I had no way of knowing. Appreciate your stopping by...........


What an unusual flower. Very pretty.


Thanks, Sandy. Seeing a blossom last a long time like this just makes the work more worthwhile, doesn't it? And then having others feel the same & appreciate it is the topping on the cake............




Photo on lower right is the one I took & posted on Sept. 30! The other two I took today. This crazy-headed clematis just doesn't want to let go! Ain't that great?! :-} ...............