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Kirkland Chocolates of the World - 1c

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My hubby bought a 2-lb. jar of chocolates from Costco for me. It has nine different chocolates in it. This is a puzzle I made from photos I took of the jar full of candies.


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LOLOL!!! You can order them online...I'd send them to you through my DVD drive, but Kirsten ruined it when she insisted I send her some cookies that I made a while back! And no, I don't have enough! LOL


Just send me the REAL chocs Deborah!!! Sounds like you have enough to go round!!! More no-no's that I shouldn't eat :))) ....but I do....


Thank you Brie. I love Costco too! And I'm working on it!!! LOL


That is the best picture I have ever seen of a jar of chocolates!! I love Costco! Brilliant colours - I love this one (have you eaten them all yet? LOL!)