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Silly Springy

45 pieces
87 solves
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This doesn't work well in large. :-(


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I vote for snow days without the need for snow.... LOL! And I wish for mild spring days that are right in the normal temperature range! Who says being just average is bad?! :-)))


Aisha doesn't want the snow just the snow days so she can have jigidi time---who can blame her. It is fun when we have drunken silly spring to play with. Thanks, Pat, for this wonderful, funny crazy series of puzzles to keep us entertained on this first day of SPRING. Rosie


I don't know what ya'll are complaining about. I pray for that kind of snow on a regular basis. LOL!


The stupid thing about this weather is last year at this time we were having summer temps of 68F and there wasn't a speck of snow around. Of course, those temps were unusual, as are the temps we are having now. It makes it worse when the bloody weather people remind us of the weather a year ago.


Oh, my!!!! Our snow is nothing like that photo, and our cold is nothing like yours! Then again, I live only an hour away from NYC, so we aren't exactly famous for our tundra... LOL! I love the way global warming also brings freezing and blizzards and hurricanes... Mankind has really screwed up the weather.........


Wow, this puzzle is awesome!! Thanks, PD.

Check out this photo someone posted earlier today. I have just as much or more snow in my yard. This morning it was -9F with a windchill of -29F. It's been like that for the last few days. brrr......


Thanks, Aishah, Jan, and Diane--poor Springy is sick and tired of feeling under the weather (!), and took a wee nip for the joy that's in it! And I can commiserate, here in cold NY! :-)))

This is a mask with goofy eyes- lots of fun to solve-Thank you. DIANE FROM COLD N.J.


Well what a lot of fun that was! Pat, these are delightful! They are fresh, funny and just wonderful to solve. Thanks so much! Oh yes, the colors and edges were perfect!


I think Springy has had one too many!


That's a good explanation, Ardy! LOL! And I would love a list--someone just asked for it the other day--thanks so much! :-)))

Thanks, Edie--I think you have food on your mind! Easter candy and chocolate pearls... LOL!

Ooooh, you must see tie-dyed ghosts, Linda! I hope these weren't too scary! :-)))


I think Silly Springy took a look at the weather some are having and is very confused. That's a real "I don't believe it" look. Fun, Pat. thanks and I love the colors.

Just so you know Ovalfly has a star by its name. Anytime you want an updated list, just let me know. It's in a Word document so very easy to send.


Fantastic puzzle! Reminds me of what I think ghostly eyes would look like out of the dark... :D


Colourful clams with a chocolate pearl. Delicious Pat.