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Goofie: ...this is the impersonation of a fox...!!!☺☺

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I just wanna say thank you all for your sweet comments. (better late than never eh?)



Once more, I see you and think it's me; Goofie Bro ;-)


Just wondering where you are... ☺❤☺


Hi Impie. Many years ago when my husband and I were on a working holiday in the south-west of
England, we were living just outside of Plymouth in a small village on the edge of Dartmoor and I was on a bus travelling along the narrow lanes which abound in that area, when a fox jumped out of the bushes and raced across in front of the bus. It was the one and only time I have actually seen a fox in the flesh and I was thrilled to bits. Wow, what wonderful memories this brings back. We adored our time in England and wish we had it all over again. This is a long-winded way of saying hello to Goofie, isn't it? All I can say Goofie is that foxes might be lovely but your handsome face always comes out on top.


What a sweet kitten, so precious.


A very handsome fox too!! I used to have foxes play in my garden in my previous house and I don't think they were as good looking...


I is -16C here so Goofie would have his nose covered if he lived here. Tonight Miss Izzie will crawl under my blanket to sleep with me or curl up on top of me. How low will the temperature go tonight?


what a great pic of Goofie! We have foxes - there was a male and female in the garden the other day. They live in the fields behind us. They pose no problem to the cats - Ziggy chases them and they run!!


We've seen foxes in the field beyond our back garden, but they're not as good looking as Goofie, how could they possibly be?


Never in real life, but I've seen images of sleeping foxes Lynetteoz, they roll up just Goofie's lying here:))


Foxes are very common in Australia but I have only seen them walking or running not sleeping like Goofie :-)


Thanks roseheather:)

Hi soo, we have foxes living in the parks and in the dunes. They are just beautiful and every now and then when he's agitated Goofie's tail looks like a fox tail:)) Some years ago we had a holiday night flight and on our way to the airport we past the forest/park where there was a fox crossing the road....I was in awe because I had never seen one so close up!

Funny story Rebecca... The neighbour should have had another cat called Yeah You...!☺☺
Goofie's bed here on the sill, is on top of the radiator and it's around 19,5 to 20°C that's nice and warm I'd think!☺☺


My Aunt had a neighbor who named her male & female Siamese cats Hey you! and Who me? Needless to say, it got annoying to the neighbors when she'd go & call the "Hey you!" cat, and more than 1 was tempted to answer "Who, me?" LOL

It must be warm at your house today, or I think Goofie would have had his nose covered. :)


Hi Goofie I have never seen a fox as we don't have any here. Are they as handsome as you? Milly xx


Oh, yes! : )


Hi Tisket (B&W) sis....that's true....but when he's lying like this I always say to him that he's my little fox:))))

Funny oldest son has a friend with 2 sibling cats......he named them "Bro and Sis":)))


Hi Goofie (B&W) bro; looks more like an impersonation of a sleeping Goofie :)))