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Hi, Hester. I don't think that 4th on the list counts as "took ages"!! LOL You will be pleased to know that I have a couple of other RDJ abstracts to come, although they don't capture him as this artist did! :-))


Well, that took ages but somehow I didn't mind!! LOL I'm a big fan of the delightful Mr Downey so thank you hugely for this excellent portrait, John! :-)


Thanks, Kathy. Hope your day goes well. :-))


Excellent painting! I haven't seen too many of his films, but I did watch one of the Sherlock Holmes, and was impressed. I've watched various versions over the years, and he actually gave me the strongest sense of Holmes. So I had to watch the new TV series this year, "Elementary." It's a 21st century take on Holmes, and I am enjoying it. Cheers John!


Oh, yes - It was a very fine year. . . lmao! ; )


thanks amazonia! you've aged well if you were born in 1805!! lolol


thanks, heidi. i thought it was well done! have a great day with all of the animals!! :-))


I love this style of watercolour. thanks for sharing. ; )


The artist definitely captured his eyes in this watercolor.


I'm afraid I don't know the artist, stealth. There was no credit where I found it. I thought it was a really good likeness in a few strokes. Thanks for commenting!

Who's the artist? This piece is wonderful!