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Buttoned up Origami! (small)

49 pieces
83 solves
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Cindy - thank you so much! And doing the puzzle again is a very nice compliment!

Chailie - They do look like butterflies, don't they! I like those colors, too. (of course I like all bright colors!) Thank you!

Pat - Believe it or not. Origami is a lot more detailed these days, at least by the images I have seen. I'm so glad you like it! Thanks!!

Hester - Of course you are! We know which one of these kids would be the rude one! LOL

Edie - Thank you so very much. I do like the idea of posting singles.... Hmmmmm......

Rosie - Thank you! You always have such nice things to say. I appreciate it very much!


These are really intricate and beautiful. They all look like they have crocheted edging. My faves top left and whole right row from top to bottom. Rosie


These are so wonderfully detailed Jan. Each one is worth of a puzzle on it's own. Really creative, thanks so much.


Thanks Jan! You may notice I am sticking y tongue out! Always was a little charmer! And FYO my brother is not doing anything rude! LOL


I see piped cake icing and bead work and crochet--this is origami?! Beautiful and luscious! :-)))


Nice one, Jan. Top center has to be my chosen segment because it has butterflies in my favourite orange plus purple flowers.


fun puzzle - now i'll try the one with more pieces - thanks


Hester - did I ever tell you how cute you look in your new avatar? If not, I'm sorry because you are a doll! That new profile photo is Spring for me!! :D


More spring like colours! You keep our spirits up Jan! :-))


JC - Thank you! :)

Katie - I'm happy you liked it. I was in the mood for a bit of detail!! Thank YOU!


Hi Jan, this is such a beautifully intricate collection! Thanks for the lovely creations!


Fun one, Jan!