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FOR MIMI.... Flower Rounds ...

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98 solves
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Awwww...............I love my poem!


You are welcome, welcome, dear QORE and QOAE.... Yes, I do admit Red-Violet is a very good color... It goes so well with flowers... Especially flowers for Mimi... So glad you delighted in your puzzle, dear one.... I thoroughly enjoyed your comment... Thank you.... :) :)

Roses are Red-Violet...
Some Violets are too...
Sugar is sweet...
And so are you..... :) :)


Me too, Snooker... A little contrast.... It's a very small circle from a much larger image.... Thanks.... :) :)


Thanks, Michelle... Judging by her comment, I think she likes it.... :) :)


Oh RS, this is just gorgeous! Thank you, thank you, I love it. I've been away from the computer all day and just stopped in for a minute and lo and behold, so much beauty awaited me! I feel like a real live QOREandofallelse! It is so rich, the colors are fantastic, the flowers so lovely. I am overwhelmed with delight. You are one darn good RS!!!!!!!! You've gotta admit red-violet is a good color, yes? And all the other reds, pinks yellows, whites etc etc etc! WOW!

Particularly like the bottom left with the water. :)


A beauty, thanks


Oh, how pretty, Sally! Mimi will surely love this one!


Thanks, mate... Knowing you like all things flower... If you liked it, Mimi should too.... Looks like you're catching up pretty quick, oh speedy one.... :) :)


It does have a Victorian look... Mimi likes her reds and red-violets. the gold frame seems to fit her colors... You're welcome, Sadie dearest.... :) :)


Mimi's colours, she'll love it, as I do, gorgeous magnolia, Thanks Sally. :):)


This is sooooo pretty - it reminds me of a Victorian valentine! Thank you very much Louise dearest !