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Remember This .. She no longer has it..

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When one of the maids cleaned the room yesterday she threw it in the trash. It was in a small bag in a corner of the outside patio of the room. It had been there ever since they have been at the lodge and no one touched it. It smelled so bad from the fire she couldn't take it into the room. The manager checked in the dumpster but the trash men had already dumped it. I just hope in some of my pictures I can replace some for her. She kept it with her as it was her little piece of her life.


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I thank you all for the kind words and suggestions. Ann thanks for being so honest.


Pat, I don't care how many times you hear those phrases, "----things happen for a reason." or "Some things were just meant to be.", it still hurts like hell. I had a horrible tragedy & those words were spoken to me several times---all I wanted to do when they were said is smack the speaker & tell them they had no idea how hollow those words were & how much they hurt. But, of course, I said nothing; I just stared at the person until they uncomfortably turned away. Ungrateful of me---I know they were only trying to help, but it didn't. At least, not for me. So I have always felt what could possibly be the reason for adding one tragedy onto another? Even if you find duplicates of most of the photos, or re-stage events to the best of your ability, those acts, though wonderfully kind & thoughtful, will only be a band-aid on the pain. NOTHING can replace the original loved items. But go ahead & do what you can. Everyone is not like me & hopefully it WILL help them.
My husband gave me a tiny little chip of a diamond engagement ring (we were teenagers!), which I helped pick out, & after many years & better times he became embarrassed about it & wanted to buy me a large diamond as a replacement. I refused, telling him nothing could replace that tiny little stone so dear to my heart. I even told him if he did it anyway it would NEVER go on THAT finger. LOL!
The point is---you must grieve for this loss just as for any other loss from the fire. By all means, do what you can to replace WHAT you can but let her know it is normal to feel the pain for this loss, too. I feel so bad for them myself that I also have some tears of grief on my cheeks. Tragedies affect so many, even folks one has never met. My wishes for healing for them are sent one-hunfredfold..................


Oh, Pat, I am so sorry to hear this. What a blessing you took a photo of it earlier. Big hugs to you both


Ohhhh...I am so sorry to hear that. Oh my, that is just sad.


Awww how very sad. I'm so sorry for them. I like Faye's (gemstone) idea. Maybe you can try.


What a loss, sometime things happen for a reason. Maybe your family can recover the photos and more. This is when families unite better than ever.


When a friend lost everything in a fire, her daughter wrote to everyone who might have a photo involving Janine, her husband, the kids, a visit, a special event, etc. and from duplicates mailed to her, the daughter created a photo album as a wonderful Christmas present. You and the rest of your family have time to create one if you started now...or a DVD from e-mails...and a duplicate could be kept in a safety deposit box. :)))


That is a shame Pat ..... sorry to hear it....maybe something will help sometime????


This just adds insult to injury. What a terrible thing to happen - I'm so sorry.


Just read your comments pkin - I shall light a candle for you all :)


This is heart breaking Pat. I'm sure the two of you will be sharing some special memories as you go through your pictures together.


I'm so sorry!


That is so sad.


Fran I know ... her and I are just going to have to go thru the pictures I have...


I'm so sorry. He'll give her the grace to move forward, though it won't be easy.


Horrible! So sorry for them.


puzzaddled never thought of that but will mention it to her.. like she said Mom I wasn't supposed to have them. This was after she sit and thought for a while.. It's wierd that smoke smell is so horrible is why she kept them outside.


Oh no, your poor girl! So sad that she has lost these but hope that knowing that she still has her memories will help ease the loss.

(This sounds a little strange but someone else I know lost all their photos too and they staged re-visits, where they could, to take new photos. It was not the same as being there the first time 'round but helped to remind them that they were still here to take those photos. I don't know if it would be possible for your daughter and her husband to plan a visit to NC and try to recall those earlier days...)


It seems like she was just not meant to have it.


Ardy when they come in to clean the rooms she always takes the dogs across the driveway to the play ground to run around. When she got back it was gone ....


Oh, no, Pat. That just compounds the tragedy. One little bright spot - you took this picture so in a way, she still has it. But something like this can be the straw that breaks the camel's back. How is she coping? You are all in my prayers.. Hugs to all.


I felt so sorry for her .... But things happen for a purpose and who know why... Thanks Denise for stopping in..


Good morning Pat.......what a terrible shame. So sorry


Good morning June that's what I thought. I do have some of the pictures. But until we go through mine I don't know how many. Some was the trip she made to NC when they got married. He was in the Marines at the time. And those pictures I don't have. Thanks for stopping in nice to see you..


that is so sad, I know how I would feel. As I said before it's a good idea to keep copies of photo's and anything you have composed at a relative's house. I guess she will be able to find copies of some of it somewhere. Seemed it was just destined to happen