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The Visitor's Door

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This is the window the sun come through in July to create my dad's 'little Chinaman.' There is one on each side of the door. He'll be there any day now.


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Thanks, MacTea. I love this kind of thing, too, and it's even better that it only happens like this a few days out of the year. :)


You are not boring me...I love the works of art we can find in the simplest things...I have to admit that tho this is a pretty window...I would not have expected the beautiful colors you captured in the sunlight picture. Good eye ☺


@MacTea Sorry if I'm boring you with this, but this is the window that creates the shadow in the other picture.


Glad to see you, Judy. This reminds me that I forgot to ask my dad about the little China guy, and he's already come and gone. Hugs back at 'cha. :)


I don’t know how I missed this redina. I found it by accident, not by tag. Hugs :-)


TY, I didn't think you would throw me back in.


You're a keeper, nanab!


Part 1 - Good point, I don't know. Part 2 - You have heard me describe some of the things I see and think. Part 3 - I'm sorry you find me confusing, I'm sure this rambling has made you even more confused. Part 4 - I am glad you are doing well, I do think of you often.


If you can't remember, how do you know you like it better? I have no idea all the places your mind wanders, but you are so confusing sometimes and I have trouble keeping up with you. I intend to keep trying, tho! I am doing fine, getting back into my normal life. Thanks. :))


How kind of you to think that I could remember what I was thinking about that long ago. You know some of the strange places my mind has been redina1. LOL
Thanks for the reply to my ? about your Dad.
I hope you are doing well too.


So glad you stopped by Series1girl1. It's very nice to meet you.


Thank you for explaining @redina1


What was your mind conjuring up about this, nanab? From what my sister says, he's doing pretty well. Thanks for asking. I won't be there, Isaly. I'm back in Florida now and he only stays for a short time. I think it was dendro who invited him to visit her next. (He probably won't tho.) :))


How is your Dad doing redina1?


Thanks redina1. Chinaman makes sense now, I liked what my mind was conjuring up better.


Love this door. Please send a picture of your Dad's "Little Chinaman" when he arrives. Hope you have a wonderful Saturday!


This is the follow up to a puzzle previously posted of an interesting shadow in my parent's house. The little guy should be arriving any day now. :)) @Juba1010 @Isaly @nanab @mila71 @Series1girl1

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