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Pentagon Land

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This is dedicated to my friend Gail after much cajoling. :-))


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Gail, it's funny cuz I left several hints in messages that you might like this puzz. When they went unanswered, I decided not to bother you again in case you didn't like it and were being polite. I must tell on myself. I saw that one design in the middle of the puzzle in my internet search for new patterns to add to my library of fills. I didn't realize it wasn't a freebie and didn't see the name in the middle until it was too late. So, that fill has been retired. Oops. So the word in the middle identified the owner/company who own the copyright. Also, the newest triangle puzzle should have been researched a bit, because I repeated some of the same patterns, another "oops."

I saw Schindler's List, and I had such a hard time watching what happened to the Jews. It surely made history come alive during such a brutal time. I haven't watched it again, although it deserves to be seen. I am not familiar with Klazmer music, but if the documentary is anything like Schindler's List, I don't know if I can deal with seeing the evil deeds of man but so many times. Yet, the music sounds fascinating, and I'm glad the style is not forever erased from history. What instruments does it involve, if any?

Did you ever see "It's a beautiful Life"? Although foreign made, it won the Oscar for best picture years ago. Another very sad holocaust flick. My sister and I grew up in the Washington, D.C. area, and during our last trip back together we did some sightseeing, especially places we'd never seen. One was the Holocaust Museum, and it depressed me terribly. Since then, I limit the number of movies with that theme; there are a slew of them! I do feel at my age, I've been properly educated and know the struggles that surround Israel. I believe that, because they are God's Chosen, they will not see peace in this world. So very sad.

I had a very full day today. After the dental appointment, my friend took me to two stores, and I was in bad shape toward the end. I slept awhile and have perked up a bit. Hopefully, these outings will become more frequent, and I will adjust as I get stronger. I can always hope. I had to take a nausea shot upon returning, because pain can cause a terrible commotion in my stomach and oral meds take too long to stop what would be the inevitable. I'll tell you more in my next email.
I posted your puzzle and hope it's to your liking.



Yay! All finished. 58:41. Whew! Now that I'm finished, I can say that it was a super puzzle, Judy, and great fun. What's the significance of the word in the center of the purple Pentagon that starts with a "B" and looks like it ends in "stock"? "Biostock" perhaps?

I'm also nearly finished with my movie. I have to watch movies like I do puzzles, in bits and drabs. It was very sad yet uplifting at the same time. Leopold Kozlowski is a dying breed. Here's the editorial review on Amazon:

"Klezmer music, sometimes called Jewish 'soul' music, has a rich and lengthy past, and now, a revitalized future. This festive Jewish band music originated in pre-World War II Poland, but now resonates in a cultural and musical revival all across America. THE LAST KLEZMER looks at one of the pioneers of this music, a remarkable, 69-year-old man named Leopold Kozlowski [family name Kleinman]. An actor and musical consultant in Steven Spielberg's SCHINDLER'S LIST, Kozlowski is the last active Klezmer musician trained in the original, prewar tradition. This spirited documentary follows Kozlowski as he returns, for the first time in fifty years, to the Polish village where he was raised. Though his parents were killed by the Nazis, and he himself spent much of the war in concentration camps, Kozlowski emerged from the experience devoted to keeping alive his cultural heritage and Klezmer music. As this charming and moving film shows, both Kozlowski and his music have survived and remain vibrant and inspiring."


88% finished. All these teeny tiny pieces floating around on my screen. Eeeek!!! Soon, soon my pretty, I'll get you...


Omigod, this is a bear of a puzzle. Since I'm suffering so much, I thought you should suffer as well. I'm at 24%... I hate you!!! :))) You always make me work for my supper. I'm going to take a break now for a bit, since with Norton on my lap, it makes my ability to sit comfortably even worse. Little brat that he is. I'm watching "The Last Klezmer", a documentary about a Polish man who survived the Holocaust and is one of the last original Yiddish klezmer musicians alive in Europe.


Here I go. Thanks for the border. It makes starting the puzzle so much easier. I can't believe I missed this one.