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Beaumaris pier, Anglesey, North Wales

96 pieces
61 solves
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I told you that you would be in touch again, Phyllis!! LOL

Take care, both of you.


"Nadolig llawen a blwyddyn newydd dda" and yes there is an accent, John. I have trouble saying the Maori vowels and consequently I didn't get to sing with the ladies at our church concert. Google the New Zealand Twelve days of Christmas! While I cannot say Ponga, Pukeko is alright:-))) Puipuis well I would rather swing the maori piupui than sing it.

Gotta go, bye for now - Phyllis


Theres nice then John.

That's real Welsh above, Phyllis. I could even hear the accent as you said it. LOL

I'm sure that you will get the chance to be in touch again but, if not, I will be thinking of you both.

Nadolig Llawen!!


Theres nice then John. I'm still not doing much online as yet, but it's relaxing to do a couple of puzzles. We're waiting to get the results of Len's CT scan, and then he'll probably end up in hospital at once, notwithstanding it's close to Christmas. if I don't get on before Christmas, God bless you John, it has been lovely to have had the great companionship of someone at 'home'. have a God blessed and safe Christmas.


Thanks, Kate. It would look better on a sunny day. I hope your convalescence is going well. Thanks, so much, for your comment.


Beautiful image. Beautiful place to live.