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Virginia! Barns can look like this in Virginia, too.

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I thought this would be a good time to put this barn on because tomorrow I 'm doing a 4 photo series on an abandoned farm I found last week.


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well I think this is what they can look like if taken care of and if there is enough land with this barn then it can be used for something like maybe horses and other things like a wood shop?? they still can be of use...great set warbler enjoyed them all

Just another comment, there is some very large timbers in it, & most of the internal lumber is rough-sawed, although most of it has been seasoned so long its really tough to saw & staples or nails have a hard time penetrating the wood. Most farmers will give you the barn if you,ll remove it, which is no small chore, believe me.

This is a beautiful barn, but their usefulness is a thing of the past. When the horse went out & mechanized farming took over, unless you had a dairy, hog farm, etc the barn was of no use. The bottom floor, does not have enough head room for equipment storage, the hay loft floor cannot be removed as it is structurally a major support of the building & there is not space wide enough between the upright supports for any large piece of machinery, its ashame but there is not much use for them & the upkeep can be very expensive. They're a great loss, sorry.


It doesn't take that long, tex - many of the barns I visited with my father, who was the town veterinarian, are not only weathered, but have fallen down now (and I'm not pushing 100). Weather's a little worse than Virginia, but once you stop taking care of them, they run down steadily, wherever they are.


There are great barns in all areas but there are so many that were left to rot. They are bucking hay in this one as you took the picture Warbler. I hated that job and still do.


Nice barn and set thanks warbler


According to your latest clock puzzle, Tex a hundred years from now is tomorrow morning, or so.


Well it seems we'll have to wait about a hundred years for this one to get as weathered as we've been seeing! Nice one, Warbler, thanks.


I'll look forward to that, Warbler!


I like the oldies, too Chickie. I was out for an hour this morning and got photos of 5 oldie barns and 2 deserted houses. I'm looking forward to seeing the latest on the remake barn that didn't fall!!


Actually Plum, they have a smaller one pretty close by, just as nice. I got a photo of it too, so I'll put it up for you when I can.


Now that's a nice looking barn! A little better condition than the ones I have been posting. Thanks warbler. p.s. I went back and took another pic of the last one I posted. It is still standing.


Gorgeamous barn. Wish I had one like it (maybe a tad smaller!)