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Alone at Center Stage

49 pieces
295 solves
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Hi Kirsten! Apparently most everyone else saw that - - but me! Never once did it occur to me. But, now, I ONLY see that when I look at it. AND I wish I had that dress! LOL
Thanks so much. I do love your comments!


I love this one Jan!! Divine colours, and a beautiful design. But dare I tell you what it makes me think of? Oh, okay. A buxom woman's d├ęcolletage, who is wearing a most beautiful silk chiffon gown! Uh, oh. Did I just give this puzzle an MA rating? LOL


Rosie - I Thank you so much! Honestly, I don't know about "talent," but I do like to "fiddle around." And sometimes I like what happens. This is one of those times. I am so glad you liked it, too!


Michelle - Thank you so much! It always amazes how different people see the same image so differently. I love seeing their viewpoints so very much. Thank you so much for your sweet words!


When I sit back from the screen and look at this i see the bodice of a beautiful chiffon dress with the skirt falling away from the bottom pink point with a halter neckline. But alone at center stage makes a good title too. What ever it is it is beautiful and a tribute to your talent.


Oh, Hanne...goodness, yes, you would see superb d├ęcolletage here! LOL

This is lovely, Jan...I do see the flame of your creativity shining brightly. Take your bow, madam!


Ank - thank you so much. That makes me happy, that you like it!

Hanne - So very funny, your remark! I saw this puzzle in a whole new light! ROFL!

Edie - you are so welcome. And, thank YOU!


Glad you didn't mess with it. It turned out perfect. Thanks for explaining that to me.


4 cups, yellowgal!! It's so very lovely and funny and what a body down under!! Jan it's marvellous!! Thanks so very much!!


Wow, a beauty Jan. Love it. Thanks


Thanks so very much, JC!

Edie - it is all related to resolution (pixels). The greater the resolution, the larger the pieces. This was a low-resolution puzzle and so, I wouldn't be able to make it in a large number of pieces, unless I changed the number of pixels. When you mess with those, you can lose some of the detailing. :D

Ardy - I did think of you - - and Pinknblack when I made this puzzle. I'm glad you both liked it!

Yellowgal - That would have been a much better title, I think! LOL How funny. I will be smiling about that all day! Thanks so much.

Pat - You see what I see. I am so glad you enjoyed it. Thank you, my friend!! :D

Lesley & Pinknblack - Well now, we have more "dress" people. I really can say that I never saw it. Now, it is almost all I CAN see. Thank you so very much! I just put on another pot of coffee. LOL

Myladydanes - Too late, but then, we can never have enough coffee while looking at beautiful clothing! :D))

A fairy, Katie? Yes, the colors and the chiffon would work and she is on the stage, after all! You have blended the two images together perfectly! :)


Such a gorgeous creation Jan! That has to be a fairy on this wonderful fantasy stage. Thanks!


I'll put the pot on!!!


Make that three cups. Love it.


Better make that 2 coffees yellowgal because I saw exactly the same thing! Lots of chiffon carefully ruched over the bodice of a dress.


This is so lovely, Jan! The swooping drape of the stage curtains, and the row of foot lights--such a perfect evocation of center stage! :-)))

These colors are positively deelish, Jan, but I gotta tell you what I thought of on first glance. I see the whole picture as the center front of a beautiful dress with a peek-a-boo oval cut in the center. ( I think I need more coffee now!!)


Beautiful puzzle, Jan. I Love this. How can I not love all this delicious pink? Being alone at center stage can be scary, humbling and exhilarating all at once. Great puzzle and perfect title. Thank you.


Love your creative titles and the beautiful colours here. Maybe you could answer a question for me. Why are the pieces smaller in some of the puzzles. Like this one for instance. Is there a setting that lets you determine the size of the pieces. I know some of the Jigidiers (is that a word) always have small pieces in their puzzles.


Loved the bright colors, Jan!