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Happy Birthday, Jigidi!!

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I've only been a member for 4 months, but I want to thank the Jigidi staff for making my life so much happier. I love solving, creating, and chatting with people who are becoming very good friends. You're the best!


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Thanks so much Mandy. This puzzle taught me several new techniques, so I had a good time. The last two days were rough, so I wasn't up to doing much. I'll try to talk soon. Glad you are fine.


Very clever cake Judy, and lots of intriguing other techniques too... I'm sorry I wasn't around on the day, I just about manage to post puzzles and comment from my phone, so I have lots of bookmarks to catch up on. I hope you're OK and having fun learning more interesting things :~)


Sally, the last four months seem like they flew by, but when I look at my puzzles from the beginning, it seems like it is a truly loooong time. It has geen so great, I had to say Happy Birthday; glad you liked my tribute puzz. It's not my greatest, but it was pretty darn good, conidering how long it has taken to get this far in the learning process! I'm so glad for new friends like you! So, you liked the cake? I doubt if you want a piece if it tastes like cardboard puzzle pieces! Thanks for joining the party, though.


Tee hee...
I'm up for a few more hours, so if you come online and want to chat, check to make sure I'm still on Jigidi and then call.


Clever cake, Judy... Very festive, fun puzzle... Only 4 months, seems like we've known you for ages.... However does that happen.... What a wonderful place our Jigidi.... Thanks, dear friend.... :) :)


Gail, what in the world are you talking about? I haven't a clue.


Ms. "Anonymous", methinks thou talks too much about a new program a certain someone is waiting to receive ...


whatnauts, thank you for your nice feedback. I think I'll keep ya. :-)) I miss a few days, then create 3 in a day. Go figure. Anyway, I don't think you've missed too much, and don't feel compelled to catch them all. Some aren't all that good, but it's fun. Enjoy the week and hope to hear from you soon.


Chrissie, I'm a clever girl, don't cha know? I try to maximize what tools are available and improvise when not. Clever, indeed. LOL


Octomom, let's not get carried away. I see lots of puzzles I wish I could make that are beyond my skills. I do try to use what I learn and sometimes I overuse. I love learning and that takes practice, so some of my contributions are not skilled at all. However, with that said, I am extremely flattered and grateful for your very kind words. Just think, before too long you'll be able to do lots of the same techniques! You are such a dear, and I appreciate your lovely comment.


Pj, I'm so glad you like the puzzle. It took awhile, and I learned yet a few more new techniques. I surely do appreciate hearing from you!! Happy Birthday to us all.


Hi Judy, Judy. This is a wonderful birthday puzzle and very unique. I haven't visited your new puzzles lately and hopefully will have more time this week to do so.


Very clever design! Thanks, Judy.


You may only have been part of the Jigidi world for four months, but you're a pro, Judy. Your puzzles are among the most sophisticated I've seen, and I've seen a lot in three and a half years. Well done on this one. I love the puzzle pieces in the center. Brilliant idea!


Judy - this is so fun, so creative - it's great. A wonderful birthday puzzle.