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Boxed in Blocks

143 pieces
242 solves
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LOLOL! That's the best solution that I can think of, Mandy. I'll give you a Guideline Book of Rules Governing the Acquisition of Top Spots. I'll work on it tonight.


I'll try to be careful... maybe I'd better check in with you before I solve any more of your puzzles??? LOL ;~))


Hey, you beat justjoan! She's the one I mentioned to you once before- how she's been solving a bunch of the old ones and getting top spots, and at the same time, getting faster. You better let her keep a few of them, or you're going to be punished.....severely I might add. LOL!




Holy Cow! I'm making mistakes all over the place. When I reread what I've typed up, I'm embarrassed! Tiger, don't ask me to explain "I'm tickled pink the you it fooled you at first." LOL!
Regardless, I'm delighted you liked the border too. :-))))))

And Jill, big smile for you! You guys are making my day. :-))))))


This one is gorgeous too, Wendy! Thanks :)
I love the border too!


I want to add something that you caught from one other solver. Your Border. It was something different and I wanted to say something, however my phone rang just as I was finishing my coment and forgot. Great just keep designing kiddo.LOL.LOL.


Tiger, I'm tickled pink that you it fooled you at first. I wish it had fooled you all the way through though. LOL! :-))))))

Edie, that's so funny! I think I did what you did ONCE, when I hadn't realized that I was solving a puzzle in a size that I hadn't planned on solving. It was a shocker for sure. What's particularly funny is your "hadn't geared myself up for the long haul....." Well, at least you enjoyed solving it. And I'm glad that someone finally mentioned the border. That's my favorite part....and it was pretty much an afterthought to add it. :-))))))


I'm not sure at what point I realized that I was doing the larger puzzle Wendy, but it was a few minutes into it for sure. Hadn't geared myself up for the long haul so I didn't zip through it. Love this border BTW. Thanks for the unintentional fun :-))


Thanks Sleepy for a very intriging puzzle. It kind of fooled me at first, I am ease to fooled though, but enjoyed it anyway. LOL.LOL.