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son's first deployment, saying good-by is the hardest part

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He was in Iraq 2005-2006. Again 2008-2009. Afghanistan 2010-2011. A fourth deployment is in the talks. Not sure this military mom can go through it again. But I will with the love & support of our large family, many friends. And the kindness & prayers of strangers.
All your good thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated. The many kind words from strangers far out weigh the negative ones. Yes, unbelievably I have had people give negative comments, strangers. It is obvious they do not have or know anyone who have family in the military. Just 1% of Americans volunteer to keep our country safe. But still, our men & women have a lot of support. We thank you all.


How many deployments since 2005?

I don't have the words to say how deeply I feel about this. Many in my own family were in WWII, however, I didn't know them up close. I would like you to pass along my personal thanks, I do not have the courage to do such a thing. I will pray for your son, as he is my own in a way. Please be very proud of him and honor whatever happens.


Hear, Hear. I agree whole heartedly with mlandefeld - God Bless you all.

thank you so much. that honestly means a lot to us.


Your son and your family are in my prayers. We thank your son for his service, and appreciate everything he is doing. The strength and sacrifices of the family are too often forgotten. God bless your son and family.

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