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Not Your Mama's Swirl!

48 pieces
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Thanks, Robbie and Lela--I think both sets of advice are excellent! :-)))


After consultation with our resident physician (Dr.A.B.Bugosi) he offered this advice:
1. Cough it up
2. Better out than in
I hope this helps.......


Take care PD, sorry to hear that. Plenty of sleep and liquids and stay warm, we are rooting for you!! (Lela might be tooting!!)


Thanks so much, PJ! Lela, Robbie (now that was a fascinating, intricately detailed, amazingly though-out, and ultimately completely confusing analysis...!), whatnauts, and Kathy! And I apologize for taking so long to reply, but it turns out I have bronchitis, so I was off Jigidi and sleeping/coughing most of the day, and may be today, as well. But I love reading your comments, so please forgive me for the delay--I think I've caught up on all my puzzles now, and so I'll post new ones, then maybe sleep some more (although the meds are helping with the cough, I'm still exhausted). Thanks again--love you all!


Love it! Hope you're resting and feeling better today.


Good one :)


This is most interesting PD. We could be looking in while looking out.......or looking out while looking in!! However upon further perusal I see that we could be in a tourist submarine where each person has their own "Eye" viewing finder looking down into the black depths with some of the turquoise shallows showing around the square frame. They had to reinforce the glass with the red straight pieces because this sub is capable of submerging to great depths.
Really fun puzzle, thanks.


Ooh...this one's very intricate!......


How fun Pat - I enjoyed your new swirl variant. Very fine composition.