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Eye Candy

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Thanks Kgorte. Will do!

Thanks Bob! After a little time with a magnifying glass, and looking at big block valve covers, I'm sure you're right. Keep the gearhead stuff coming. If we can't have cheese cake or pin up puzzles,
then cars are a close second....................


Kgorte -I believe the engine to be a big block Chrysler.


Kgorte -if my eyesight were a little better, I'd be able to tell whether or not the distributor is vertical or angled in. If it's the latter, it's a big block Mopar.

Help me out. All my stuff is Chevrolet powered, and at first glance it would appear that this
T bucket is too. After all, 95% of them were/are. However, the distributer appears to be in
the front, so? Some sort of Chrysler product? The two center siamesed cylinders are locking
me up.