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Springtime Tulips

81 pieces
229 solves
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Thank you so much, whatnauts. I like my winter version better, but I figured that more people would like this one. :-)


Your springtime tulips are gorgeous, Wendy. Thanks much.


Hi again, ladywil. I use a free online program called GIMP to help me out. What I usually do when I create most of my puzzles is start by making shapes, coloring them, and then mixing them around until I come up with a completed image. Then I take that image and play with it some more. I do pretty much what you do when you create your kaleidoscopes. I used to use online images to create mine (when I was only creating kaleidoscopes), but long ago I stopped doing that and figured it would be better if I made my own images to start with.


How cute, those tulips. You have a special program for that?