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Still cleaning out the archives #4 - flowers

49 pieces
57 solves
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Thank you Kirsten! :)))


I loved this one from the moment I saw it. And it's even more beautiful when solved. Thanks Deborah!! )))


Thank you roerick! I'm Deborah...who might you be??


Holy cow Rob!!! That's a (polite word inserted here) load of rain! When I lived down at the coast of Oregon, there was one year when there was 12" of rain in 24 hours! ALL the rivers flooded. Including where I lived. No electricity, no phone, no heat, no water for a week! I wish that on no one!!!

On a brighter note, I'm sure glad you got you're sunshine!!! And somehow, maybe I sent rain your way! LOL The rain came in last night for me, and the freezing temps went away...I sure hope you don't get too much rain, just what you need. By the way, I finally got caught up on your puzzles! Miss a couple of days and it seems to take forever to catch up! Loved the froggies!!! :DDDDDDD

Please do more froggies!!!!!!


Beautiful, bright, bold, and all those positive b words. Enjoyed so much. Thanks.


A real blast of sunshine Deborah!! We got our wish for rain- by the way!! Have lots coming our way this weekend apparently - from a cyclone further up the coast!! We may get more than we need!!! It's bucketing down up north - some places have had 900mm - about 36" - this week!!


Thank you both so much! :))))


Totally agree with lindaisling..beautiful colors.


I love the bright colors and the layered 3D effect. Thanks. :)