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File Folder Tabs

81 pieces
166 solves
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OK, Mandy, now I can see the tabs and the backs of chairs too. But at that moment, all I could see was the backs of seats. LOL


I can see the file tabs, and all the backs of the chairs set out in a huge auditorium. Fun puzzle, thanks Wendy :~)


Holy Cow! Janine, I just looked again after what you said and you are so right on spot. I'm amazed that you saw the backs of seats...even though they're right in front of my face. Now I can't see them as file folder tabs. LOL

Reminds me of the backs of seats in a theater, or on coach any case, I love the colors.....very modern art. Thanks Wendy.


Thank you very much, Pat and rnr2lake. I made one that was only folders, but I liked this one more in the end....even though I doubt too many people are interested in file folder tabs. LOL

Thank you! I loved this creative, colorful puzzle.


Fabulous--love the colors, and the title is perfect!!!!!