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Peaking Self

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This is one of a few of Vivian Maier's self-portraits at the website

"Vivian Maier, was an unknown talented New York street photographer who took thousand of photos in the 1950s.

An American of French and Austro-Hungarian extraction, Vivian bounced between Europe and the United States before coming back to New York City in 1951. Having picked up photography just two years earlier, she would comb the streets of the Big Apple refining her artistic craft. By 1956 Vivian left the East Coast for Chicago, where she’d spend most of the rest of her life working as a caregiver. In her leisure Vivian would shoot photos that she zealously hid from the eyes of others. Taking snapshots into the late 1990′s, Maier would leave behind a body of work comprising over 100,000 negatives. Additionally Vivian’s passion for documenting extended to a series of homemade documentary films and audio recordings.

Interesting bits of Americana, the demolition of historic landmarks for new development, the unseen lives of various groups of people and the destitute, as well as some of Chicago’s most cherished sites were all meticulously catalogued by Vivian Maier." To see examples of her photographs, go to the site from whence this quote was taken -

To see more of her astounding work, go to the website mentioned in the first paragraph. My thanks to Bommom for reminding me of this talented woman.


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Yes, that was the most interesting part of the film. Maloof was indefatigable--and I kept wondering about his source of income since he didn't seem to do anything else. I remember a couple of her photos that we discussed, and not that long ago. But damned if I can find any!


I seem to remember when I heard about the film that the most interesting part was the detective work on Maloof's part. And I went back looking for prior puzzles with no success, although I remember one in particular of her photos I posted. At least I think it was hers. Too many puzzles over too many years . . . .


I can't find any other puzzles about Vivian Maier, even though I remember solving them. I just wanted to report that I had finally watched the movie, Finding Vivian Maier. It won't keep you on the edge of your street, but it was interesting discovering all that John Maloof has learned about her and her life and hearing recollections from many of the people who knew her.


Do me a favor. Leave me a message on Last Morning At Ocean City. No one has commented on that so it will be a good way to check to see if I'm just not getting your comments. OK?


I guess you probably ought to let them know. The joys of being a guinea pig, eh?


Before the multi-focus lens - made what she wanted to do easier. Good question in re Highsmith!

Here's another good question. Why didn't I get notification of this or your last comment on the Parenting puzzle? Thought I'd just somehow not seen the Parenting one, but coming across this one as well while scanning my puzzles makes me think there are a few quirks Jigidi needs to work out with their new system.


Fascinating! I can't help but wonder how much Maier was an influence on Carol Highsmith when you consider the subject matter both of them covered. Was this in the back of Highsmith's mind when she shot her own self-portrait ( I love how only Maier and her camera are in clear focus in this. Good one!!




The stars are aligned. . . .


We are on a roll tonight, folks!


By the look on her face, maybe she was piqued. :-)


You could say I peaked. :-D


LOL. That was the title on it as downloaded from the Maier website so there it stands. I'm guessing she, or whoever titled it, meant "peeking." But who knows? (Nice time, btw. :-) )


Peaking or peeking, Pat? :-)