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Painted Shells! (medium)

81 pieces
178 solves
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Thanks, Kirsten - the avatar is a kaleido from the image I posted today under JiggyBelleS. :D


Great fun, Jan! I love that top centre one. Thanks very much. :)))

Oh, and nice avatar!


Thanks, Hanne!


Wonderful colours, Jan! Thanks so very much!!


Thanks so much, Barb! I do love shells!

Ardy - Thank you! I rarely really get a good look at a puzzle. I seem to just jump right in! Sometimes it works and sometimes not. I'm glad you liked this!

Mariasha - I know that you do and hoped these would make a few. So glad you had a good time. Thank you!

You already know how much I enjoy solving the odd shaped ones, so you could have guessed that I really liked this puzzle...I also liked the way the colors came out...thanks for the fun, Jan.


Fun, Jan. Somehow I hit the solve bar before I had taken a good look at the puzzle. I could have done something about that but decided to go ahead and see how it came out. 9:43 was my time. It's a lovely puzzle. Thank you.


Another challenger today, Jan, but lots of fun. Lovely bright shells. :-)