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The oranges will soon be in full fragrant flower

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They also adore apricots, figs, berries, etc.


Oh, I forgot to mention that the local mockingbirds just adore tomatoes. All of them. Life's tuff, huh?


totally terrific tomatoes abundant appetizing apples

Nope, full fragrant flower wins hands down--I can't even say it once without hesitating...

Good luck with your efforts--my biggest problem with tomatoes was my Labrador, Yonah, who waited until the day I judged them to be just at the peak of ripe perfection, and scarfed them down while I was in the kitchen planning how to serve them...


PD, my success with tomatoes is extremely limited. I don't know why, but try as I will, I'm lucky to get a handful of tomatoes before the vines give up - - even the disease resistant kinds. And you would think I'm goofy if I told you how many apple trees I've planted, the latest one this year, without so much as a pie's worth of apples. Gophers gnaw the roots, and borers get under the bark, killing the tree. This year's effort is planted in a wire basket to foil the gophers, and, much as I hate to use chemicals, I treated it with a systemic insecticide that I hope will foil the borers. So don't denigrate your tomatoes and apples!


The things I missed most when I moved away from Phoenix were the citrus blossoms and of course, the freshly picked grapefruit and oranges. Heavenly! Enjoy your bounty!


How lucky you are! In the area of the country where I live, I guess that the closest equivalent would be plucking a tomato off the vine, or an apple off the tree...

Love the alliteration, too! Try saying "full fragrant flower" four times!


The first time I ever did it, pkh, was on a trip to San Diego, when we stopped at a "pick your own" orange grove. It was a revelation! The difference between what you pick when it is ready, and what you buy in the store is like the difference between night and day. I've been hooked ever since!

And yes, Hanne, I will have LOTS of fruit! Way more than I can begin to use, even when I O.D. on it. Most of the fruit therefore goes to waste, but even if there were no fruit, the annual blossoming that perfumes the air would make citrus worthwhile!


Can't begin to imagine how grand it is to pick an orange right off a tree! How lucky you are pp.


And it looks as if you will have fruit too! Thanks Varda!

one of my favorite fragrances!


Thanks, MC!

can smell the fragrance from got the bee!


Sorry about the fuzziness of the pic.