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For Bbmuffin: A Lilybelle

70 pieces
45 solves
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Hi again, Nicky...At present, I have three days of postings ready to go to finish up our Norfolk pictures. Then we are off to my sister's for two what I'll do is try to prep them next and I can post them when I'm away. I'l try to keep it as close to 35 pieces as possible but you know "You can't always get what you want"...LOL Faye


I love your carousel puzzles - would it be possible for your to do them in a smaller size? I can only manage about 35 piece (40 at most!) But not to worry if it's not possible - I can still marvel at their beautiful colours!


Faye, I just wanted to say that I have enjoyed meeting you here on Jigidi and that I have really appreciated all the support that you have given me. I hope that you and yours have a wonder -filled and joyous Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!


Thanks for the note, gemstone. My Gypsy mare (in this avatar) is doing really well. I've just made plans for her next breeding, in June. She's going to be bred to the first Gypsy Vanner stallion ever imported to the US, a breathtaking horse named Cushti Bok (Gypsy for ''good luck'').


Our Pharlap was actually sponsored by a Canadian Member of Parliament to honour her husband who was Australian, and if memory serves me correctly, he ran carnival rides in Australia in his younger years.
Bingo is also named after a local carney whom Keith worked with...and at the 100th birthday of the carousel, "Bingo" rode "Bingo"! :DDD


Big of our greatest Canadian athletes! Gosh, I miss him. I HAVE to come there to see him and Pharlap...after all, you may just have solved the great mystery! (Here I claimed the little horse from my husband's Hornby Dublo train set and named him


You're most welcome. There used to be over 5,000 hand-carved carousels in the early 1900' there are less than 300 left. Today they are moulded fibreglass. This was a once in a lifetime experience and we were guided by one of the best in the business through the whole restoration process...he (Keith) has probably been to Sandusky a few times. Hope you get the opportunity to visit and to ride Mr. Ed who was named after my father or Mignonette who was named after my grandmother. "Bingo" was painted to resemble Big Ben, the great Canadian show jumper, and we also have a Pharlap. :D


What a lovely Carousel and kudos to you and company for working on the saving and restoration of these beauties. I was horse crazy in my younger years (well, still am, a bit) and loved riding the horses on the carousels. They used to have a large one at the CNE in Toronto that didn't stop had to pace yourself to get on! We visited the Merry-Go-Round Museum in Sandusky, Ohio a few years back. They had some wonderful old pieces as well as the working carousel. They do restoration work as well. I'd love to get out to Burnaby to see "yours". Thanks for showcasing this!!


Faye, enjoyed reading this too. Thanks.


Love the stories Faye, thanks.


You're very welcome, Jacques. Everybody will be glad to hear from you!


Thank you for your concern gemstone


Burnaby Village Museum is closed to the general public until the end of November when it will open for a celebration of Christmas and you may ride the carousel then. It is open for school field trips throughout the school year and then opens up once again to the public from late spring 'til Labour Day. Their time frame deals with 1892-1926 and docents dress accordingly. As the carousel was built in 1912 it fits in with this time costs a loonie or a twoonie to ride. I've ridden all 36 horses either as a restorer or a docent. My dad celebrated his 78th and 79th birthdays helping at the restoration so we rented the carousel for his 80th birthday and his friends had a wonderful time...they'd get off one ride and run around to line up for a second...and they were in their 70's and 80's!

Lilybelle had a new high toss mane carved for her and was valued at $60,000 U.S. in 1991. There are 10-15 coats of gold acrylic paint on her.


Faye, the puzzles have to be done to appreciate all the detail in these beauties. What an incredible job you all did. Can the general public ride the carousel? I'd make them take their shoes off. Thanks again for posting the smaller size for me.