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The Sky Shadow

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In this beautiful sunrise capture we see Washington’s Mount Rainier casting an upward shadow towards the sky. The photo was posted by redditor runrgrl, who says the image was taken from Fox Island, near Gig Harbor. The body of water in the foreground is Hale Passage. (twistedsifter)
The ‘sky shadow’ phenomenon occurs when the sun rises further to the south and Mt Rainier can block the first rays of the morning. Mount Rainier is a stratovolcano located 54 miles (87 km) southeast of Seattle. It is the most topographically prominent mountain in the contiguous United States with a summit elevation of 14,411 ft (4,392 m).
Mt. Rainier is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world, and it is on the Decade Volcano list. Because of its large amount of glacial ice, Mt. Rainier could potentially produce massive lahars (a type of mudflow or debris flow composed of a slurry of pyroclastic material, rocky debris, and water) that would threaten the whole Puyallup River valley. (wikipedia)


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Thanks for that reminder about Yellowstone; I'll sleep well tonight. ;-)


Impressive, and considering nearby Mt. St. Helens (a recent memory), something to be wary of. But if you really want to loose sleep at night, ponder Yellowstone: The supervolcano underneath the national park last erupted on a massive scale some 640,000 years ago, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). It is a potential supervolcano, capable of spewing more than 240 cubic miles (1,000 cubic kilometers) of magma across Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming, with global climate effects ( Now it's just a matter of where we are on that geologic sweep-second hand, but it is due for another eruption according to USGS seismologist. Probably not in our lifetime, but who knows? And then there's always that asteroid... Another classic, fun patw puzzle - big dramatic sky with a sunset and all those layers. Was there a vocano in there somewhere? ;-D Thanks Pat!


You're very welcome, ibeeducky. I sure like information about a puzzle's picture when I've finished putting it together (or before!), so I try to supply some to others when I can. And thank you for stopping to comment. It's really appreciated.


Thanks for the information patw! It really makes pictures interesting knowing where they are and your additional history of the area is great.