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Friday's Flower

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I thank you for the link, Mandy. Imagine, a thistle saved the day for one side, and ruined it for the other! And now I see what was meant by the colors. :-)


Haha, Wendy, I know exactly what Jan means, because I thought the same thing. You need to also know that the thistle (very spikey) is the emblem of Scotland, which is purple and green, so combining all those colours and with the tartan effect in the corners... hey presto ... A Scottish theme!! Lovely :)))


Jan, I'll have to check out Scotland's flag colors to see what you're talking about. hmmm, I just paused to do just that and now I'm confused!

Ardy- Friday's flower is fatally flawed. hehehe

whatnauts, thank you, dear. :-)

Mary...laughing re your Fine Flower Dance, but even more so about your "GET REAL." LOL!


Oh, pshaw, Wendy. I'm a flower expert and this is no OK flower. This is a Fine Flower. Therefore I have not created an OK Flower Dance but instead created a Fine Flower Dance and danced and danced! So lovely! 4:23 Thanks, and, uh, GET REAL.


It's a splendid addition to the garden :)


Fabulously fine fall Friday flower.


Very nice flower - immidiately I got associations to Scotland, the flag colors and the plaid corners.....


Good morning, Katie! It's an OK flower....but definitely not one of my favorites. I just thought I needed something different that's why this one is here. LOL


Good morning Wendy, nice flower today!