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Heavy Going Through The Snow

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Been there and done that, robbie. The jigs coming through are either black (no picture) or the jigs are off-line to what they should be and they're not loading at all. Seems like everything's OK now, thanks!


Chooks did you try clearing old bookmarked puzzles? That worked for me.


It was working fine this morning, rob, then all of a sudden I couldn't open any puzzles only comment. I sent another email to Stefan and when I came back from having lunch, I was able to solve!! I hope it stays that way because it's very frustrating - as you know!!! Thanks for your concern. LOL


Have you still got problems with solving the puzzles? Mine has been behaving so far!!


I'm with yu, rob - stay cool, my friend! We're getting low 40's for the next 3 days. Oh, I just can't wait!!!!


A terrific shot chookie - I just love the red contrasts!! I could do with a little of this today - having a high of 34C & the humidity is also up! Thanks.


Thank you chookies. Just teasing Gnt. haha I think 2013 will be bigger and brighter for all of us!


WHAT!!! Oh, you've just had TOO much fun being away, chickie! No, honestly gnt is getting quicker, really, he got on the leaderboard on one of mine and I think he's still there - in 10th place, but he was still there yesterday when I looked!!! So funny because he was really excited.....he's a good guy!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you a bigger and brighter New Year:)


Hi chooks! You can tell I'm out of practice! 1:18! Even Gnt can beat that! LOL


Thanks ribit and robbie - I certainly agree with you both, it's a wonderful photo! I'm sure you would, tex, but wouldn't you like to see the sun at least one day of the year?


I'd love this all year round! Thanks, Chooks, good one.


I agree with ribit, wonderful photo chooks. Don't get sunstroke!


That's definitely an award winning photo in my opinion!!


Good evening, Ank! We're all back to normal and today (Jan 2nd) is when most people go back to work. We are in for a heat-wave though, so it won't be pleasant for a lot of people that work outdoors! Have a lovely walk and I'm see you in the morning. Hugs back!


Lovely Chook. Good morning. Back in normal rythm? I think I will tomorrow morning when I wake up. This is always a terrible day. Too little sleep. So I go for the last walk now. Have a beautiful day my friend. Hugs.


Biking in a winter wonderland!!!!It's beautiful


Thanks for your comments punkin, Patsypoo and shirley:)


Too funny, fodus, and I agree!!


She needs chains!


I agree, leave the bike at home.

Forget the bike, get your snomobile out!
Looks like Kenora, On. where I'm from.


:) A sled may work better for her!