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Spinning Platters--Smaller

49 pieces
120 solves
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You were doing so well there with your comment, Jan, until you got to that part with my least-favorite 4-letter word: ahem...! LOL! Thanks so much!


Here we go with the overlapping platters.....and a square, too! Pat, this is a great puzzle. I love the combination of colors and shapes. It was so much fun to solve, too. Thanks, so much!!
OMGosh, I get to ahem! What a surprise!


Thanks, Mary and Jan! And I saw your incredible first attempt--way to go, Jan!


Pat, this was fun - and such a vigorous design.

LunaPic is a good starting point for kaleido - even I made it, finally.


So pretty! Love the square in the middle of the circles! 8:29 Thanks, Pat!


Gee, Ardy, and there I thought that maybe you had figured out how to get the puzzles to work--feed them! Darn!:-)

I'm so glad you're enjoying LunaPic, Barb! My other 3-size puzzle today wouldn't have come about without that site, so I'm glad you like working with it, too!

Thanks so much, mp--outside the box is a very cool place to be!


I may have started square but I'm sooo outside the box now. And beautifully too. Thanks.


Love it, Pat! So clever .... I'm still learning what I can do with Lunapic and really appreciate you pointing me in that direction. :-)


I like this, Pat. And after some lunch the puzzle decided to open. Er, I had the lunch, not the puzzle. LOL Enjoyed this in yesterday's preview and love it today. Thanks.