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On an Ever Spinning Reel! (KaleidoBoards)

48 pieces
62 solves
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We're having a fabulous time at the coast! The weather has been sunny and cold and our daughter has been delightful company on long beach walks.
Just a reminder.....I will not be able to comment or solve for about a week. Thanks! and happy Jigidi-ing! Jan


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Hi all! Thanks so much for all your comments. I found this one a bit difficult, too! But, I'm glad you all had fun!! We're having a blast! It will be raining today!


Good one thanks Jan


Very intersting boards, really!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


For some reason this was a bit of a challenge.


Sleepy Hester is on top of the board and I'm right under her and wide awake. I must admit that she was almost a full minute faster than I was. Keep up with the good time. Remember your exercise and take some brisk walks on the beach. Thanks, for a delightful puzzle.


This is almost hypnotic, Jan! I am feeling sleeeepy..... :-))