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Thank you, irmachac, for dropping by and checking out this cute Owl picture. Good to see you and glad you liked it.


Very nice photo :-)


Thank you, again, megabelle2000, for stopping by and commenting on my owl pictures. I thought this one was cute too. :-)


an owl totem....


No problem Donna :-) And yes, I saw the other owls. I love them too! Hugs :-)


I'm sorry I've been so long answering back. I didn't realize until now that you had answered back. Did you check out the other Owls I had on my site? Several cute ones that you might like. :-) Thanks for your comments and hugs back to you. :-)


Hi Donna! Yes, I enjoyed it soooo much because I love owls and this picture is too beautiful!!
Hugs to you :-)


Thank you for stopping by to see it, tere_a1. I am so glad you enjoyed it.


I love this picture! Thanks for posting it! Hugs :-)


Glad you found my Owl pictures, Annie. Aren't they cute? Yes, the bottom one seems to be thinking, "I have had just about enough of this." :-))) Good to see you this morning, my friend.


The three amigos!! SO darn cute. Love the lower one. He doesn't look too happy. Great find.


I DID have a nice time on my outing with the "girls." One of the ladies and I have been "friends" since we were very young children, another one and I have been friends since we were 10, and the other one and I are first cousins and have always been very close. We laugh and enjoy our times together. :-)) Thanks, Ginger, and I love your Owl Avatar. :-)
I'm sorry, jeribar8, I do not know who Patricia is nor anything about her puzzles. Hope you find out where she is soon.


Hope you had a good time on your outing Donna. Enjoy!! Hugs ♥


Thanks for stopping by, patw, and thanks for trying to figure out the photographer. I'm glad you enjoyed the picture too.


Terrific photograph, Donna. I tried to sort the photographer's name for you but the best I could do was Sagu Smith, and that sure doesn't seem right. ;-D Thanks for the good photo and puzzle!


Nice to visit you.


Thank you Tincup. That is so funny and I'm glad you stopped by. :-))


You are most welcome, Ginger. I love to comment on your puzzles because they are very nice and I want you to take care of yourself too. Don't overdo with the canning and stuff. I know it is important to take care of those garden things but I want you well and feeling good, my friend. Hope the doctor's visit is successful and good news. Many hugs and prayers.


Donna Hope you are doing okay. Have been helping with the garden stuff yet and didn't get to answer some of your comment but do want you to know I appreciate every one you leave me. Take care now and have a good night?day? Hugs ♥


That's the pecking order for you Donna!


Thanks, Margaret. I loved them too. They are so cute "stacked" on top of each other's heads. The two top ones look sleepy but that one on the bottom looks like he has had just about enough of that. :-)) Thank you for checking them out.


This is absolutely precious Donna! I love it! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Good choice. Hugs & ♥


Okay, thanks, Jerod123, I would love to check out that restaurant. Thanks for dropping by to see my Owl picture.

What a cute, cozy picture....
dblay........ You made comment on my 'Restaurant Waterfall Philippines' puzzle... Did you check it out again?... Do a google on the that title and see more pic's & details of this restaurant... You gotta see it.. Amazing..!!


Yes it was a good time, Ginger. It took me 8:36 to do the puzzle. :-))) So glad you enjoyed my Owls. I thought they were so precious and I thought of you when I posted them.


(7:01) Not too bad a time for an old gramma) Lol!


Thanks for these darling owls Donna, you are so thoughtful my friend. Glad I'm over the bug! Hugs ♥


Thank you all (delanee, Marian, and bdhabet1) for your sweet comments. I thought these Owls were precious and adorable too. I don't post very much but when I find something like this, I can't resist. :-))
Marian, I do hope your computer gets straightened out. It is so frustrating when things don't work right.

How precious!!! Thank so much for sharing.


Hi Donna....really enjoyed these computer is pausing for a few seconds when I'm on lasts a day or so and then is normal. I would like to give it a good smack, but then I would have to call a technician and pay up....LOL


What a fabulous picture. Thanks for sharing.