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happy new year

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So sweet, Love the little red tail feathers starting to peep out! My old fella, Jaco, is a rescue bird. Traced his history to find he is probably between 70+ 80 years old. How he has survived so long is a miracle. My sister's bird, Casper, laid an egg at the age of 33! She was called Cassie after that revelation!


I've bookmarked it for later. I had one of these little devils for 28 years. Loads of fun and
loads of work. Smart as could be! What a range of sounds….she would say "hello" before the
phone rang, while you were talking to someone…..she would say…."I'm not here"…at exactly
5 pm before the show started, she would whistle the theme for the Andy Griffith Show. If she
was mad at you …..she could hold a grudge for up to 2 weeks….loads of stories about my Lucy.