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Peony Tulips

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My birthday flowers were all done, so I bought new flowers for my living room at the supermarket, yesterday. There were quite some bunches Peony Tulips with a variety in colour, but this colour 'jumped' out for me....☺


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Thanks, nan. I had to put sticks in the vase and garden rope around the flowers, these peony tulips are quite was already broken (but no problem I put it in a little water holder which I saved up from a plant piece) and put it next to my hubby's photo on the dresser! ♥

Yeah, Pammi, not bad!!! LOL .....Please don't cry!♥
Neither would I swap continent for mine just for pretty flowers if I were you.LOL


"Not bad" you say? Excuse my back for a moment but I have to go weep in the corner. Impie, I believe I am definitely living on the wrong continent. ☺☺☺☺☺


Quite sure I would have chosen the same color! And so many still in buds - days of beauty ahead!


Thank you, Anne.....the Freesias and the roses I got for my birthday are all done now, but they were really lovely and I'm glad I have taken photos to look back whenever I want! ♥

Oh Pammi....I don't know what came over me to choose purple of all colours, LOL....they were such a bargain this supermarket they have weekly sales in flowers, groceries etc..... they call it 'in the bonus' . Clients can get a free 'bonus card' which you need to scan before you settle the bill. No bonus card no bargain!!!
Past the counter they have a special corner for flowers and plants. These Tulips were 10 for € 3,75 and with my bonus card € 2,62 !!! Not bad hey?? ♥♥

Oh my roseheather, what happened to your computer....perhaps it's scanning your eyes after you watched my flowers?....scary! LOL


Wow. Interesting. I had never heard of this variety before. ♥♥

I searched for this one and low and behold a picture popped up of yours ... I'm beginning to think my computer has a spell on it, I did not ask for anything but peony tulip:

I'd better be careful what I ask for. : ) lol


Another lovely buy, Impie. Can't think why you might select that colour over all others. Ha! Ha! ♥☺♥


They are beautiful! I love the deep purples contrasted with the green leaves. Happy Birthday Flowers too! Hope you've had a wonderful time with them


Thank you, Faye.....we did have 'double Tulips' in our garden years ago....maybe they were actually also Peony Tulips....I'll post an old picture of them soon! ;))

Yes, Nancy....they weren't 50 for €5 like at the florist, but still a bargain and lovely flowers! :-))

Something new learned again, Ella.....when I saw Peony Tulips a couple of years ago it was a first for me too. They had red, yellow, orange and this colour!

Love this color. Never heard of Peony Tulips. The leaves do look like Tulips and the flower does look much like a Peony.


Indeed, what a lovely variety! Once again, you're supermarket tulips add a gorgeous touch to your living room, Impie! :-))


A few years ago I planted some peony tulips..."Angelique" in an orange/peach colour...I was so pleased with them...such a lovely variety. :)

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