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A Model Ship (still under construction) Part 2

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A model ship is never simply stops working on it. Here is proof. I purchased this as a kit about thirty years ago. I have always been interested in ships that were built during the conversion from sail to steam. About fifteen years ago I started building it. Five years later I ran out of steam ! Now it is full of dust and I am trying to get up enough energy to fully rig the three masts, repair some minor damages, and dust and clean it up. In the meantime, I like to look at it the way it is.


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Thanks Marina, I appreciate your comment.


This is great! I love all the details. Marina

You are very talented!


Lincolyn: Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for your kind remarks. I had installed the Bowsprit and anchors were damaged (I think by curious young grandchildren) I am going to try and repair it. As for the rigging I'm not sure that these old eyes and hands can handle it and I hate to mess up the good woodwork with poor rigging. I'm not sure if I can make the ratlines properly or not.

This is beautiful!!! Where is the front? The bow of a ship is sexy!! Please "begin" on one mast at a time. You will appreciate all your hard consecration and hours of work. And "puzzlers" would enjoy seeing the completed goal. Thank you for the special puzzle:-)))))


Thank you for your comments and encouragement. I don’t know whether my hands and eyes will be able to do the rigging or not but we’ll see.

I completely understand! A stitcher of all sorts, I vowed about 20 years ago to not buy another "kit" and I haven't.
Your ship is quite beautiful. Very rich looking and detailed. I hope you get a burst of enthusiasm and finish her up!


It looks fine to me.
I can sympathize with your erratic building program -- many years ago, after building several model airplanes, I bought a sailing ship kit, but before I could even start on it, life (as it often does) intervened. Sigh-h-h-h...


I can understand this.
And also that you feel like taking it up again!

My father was great with model ships!
I remember - I must have been about 5 years old - him building the Queen Mary.
I think it was about 1 1/2 meter long.
And when I was married (and hadn't seen him in 15 years or so) he built himself a narrow-ship.