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A stroll through the garden #1

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51 solves
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Yes thanks Deborah - at least I can solve puzzles now!! I still have some problems with removing bookmarked puzzles, but I can live with that!!


Glad you liked them Lesley...but you never know what may show with me! :)))) All in good fun!

clogdancer, you need to find yourself a good photo editor with a kaleidoscope option that you like and just play with it. It's so much fun! If you're interested in doing your own, just ask any who does kaleidos, including myself, and I think you'll find a lot of people willing to help you! :))) are so right!!! Don't you just love their smell! I have one in my backyard. glad you can smell them too!!! One of the loveliest aromas on earth! Are things any better on the computer front for you?? I sure hope so!


Yes - I think I can smell Lilac too Deborah - very pretty - thanks.


I think I can smell the lilacs now. thank you.


I love all these different purples.


This picture is so pretty. I am wondering now how these people make these pictures.


Thanks for a lovely set of puzzles tonight Deborah - all except the one which looked as though it was of snake origin!!