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Connie Rolling in the Clover

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Tabby Cat on the grass


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Sweet Connie, what a good life you had. Lots of love and lots of happy times. God love you.


Thanks, petsmom. I think it's helping me to share Connie's pictures with others - kinda part of the grieving process. I haven't been without a cat for this long before - always seemed to get another one within a few months when my others passed away (Tosca, Moyshe, Nishka). I went to see another cat a few days ago and think maybe it's time to have another one as there are so many out there needing a home. Will keep you posted!

Connie looks so fluffy. I know you miss her very much. She's a cutie. Great pic.


Thanks Ardy - I have about a dozen of these where she's not looking in the right direction, etc, before I got a few good ones!


Great picture. Wish I could get a good one of Fluffy Thanks for sharing.


Thanks lauralyn, aggie and chickiemama. tabbycat - I had to get my husband's beard trimmer out on her coat on occasion cos her coat would really matt up if I didn't brush her every day! She was good and docile to have it done, but would scowl at me and sulk afterwards!


My kitty can eat like a pig, barf on the carpet, and shed on everything in sight. But if he rolls on his back like Connie all is forgiven. I think "rollies" is a secret weapon all cats use to get away with just about everything. Resistance is futile!


What a beautiful kitty niccolino!


That's looks like a happy kitty.