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A Rose for Wendy's Garden

36 pieces
176 solves
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This would be very nice to see the outcome of your creation.


Advia, I'm going to try and figure out a way to work this into one of my puzzles. It really is beautiful. :-)


Thank you for mentioning. I only post during weekends nowadays. I sort comments by date this way I hopefully won't miss any.


It may be too late for you to see my comment, Advia, but I sure did enjoy this puzzle. I'm going looking for more of yours to work. I bounce from creator to creator and appreciate you all so much for making these for me to work! Thank you!


Hi Wendy, this will become an interesting hybrid
Hi Whatnauts, I had to bring them to savety the foxes around our house are playing with them until they are devastated.


whatnauts, I'm delighted that advia's roses are mating with my flowers. Her roses have a very special pollen which will hopefully bring out the very best in my flowers.


Advia, this is lovely, but it appears to be causing havoc in Wendy's garden - mating with all the other flowers!!! Such unspeakable things are happening.


Hi Katie, I have little talent in gardening but with the result of this I am happy
Hi Wendy, I hope you had a great day out, today was my turn for a day out
Hi Jo I'm glad you liked it


Beautiful rose Advia!! I like the texture of the flower, as well as the beautiful colors!! Thanks for thhe fun!! :)


Whoa! Advia, I've been offline all day long....except when I first posted puzzles this morning. As you already know, I think this is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much. And I see that you've also given me another rose in a large puzzle. You're the best! :-)


A gorgeous rose Advia! Thanks for growing this!


Thank you Ardy, I hope so it took me some effort to grow it.


It's lovely, Advia. Can't imagine that Wendy wouldn't like it in her garden. Thanks.


Thank you Sissel. When I created this I thought it would look like a rose and therefore be well with Wendy's flowers and dedicated it to her.


Beautiful one :-)