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German Shepherds are Beautiful

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  1. Thowra4:26
  2. KonaDreamer4:45
  3. Catflu5:06
  4. Trixi215:26
  5. marycj5:42
  6. linmerav6:37
  7. Lindaloo626:48
  8. dlscarce7:01
  9. kimosabe997:33
  10. sandrayjo7:44


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There you go Puzzlerboy. An aspect of their character not widely recognised A sense of humour,

Yeah, they're beautiful alright....until one's after you wanting to rip your ass apart.


Beautiful dog. I was raised with GS's and they are my favorite. This one I have now is
not a full GS, but she is just a love, and she was 6 1/2 when I got her.


OMGosh. That face. What a beautiful animal.


They know just how to pose and look humble. I love this pooch er I love this big pooch!!
Thank you for the posting. 6-13-17..7:03 pm

Awesome photo!!! Tks for sharing.


I understand one's GS being called a villain. Our beautiful GS barks when she thinks she hears something outside...that's probably good (security) , but then she wants out and goes out just to bark and bark at everything. Our other dogs, especially the Rottie, ONLY barks when it is really someone he doesn't know is in the yard. She wants all the toys. You will find 9 chew sticks in her pile and the other two have none. Give the others their chews and when they're not looking, she gets them back. No one can get individual attention unless you have one hand on her to. She is a long hair and sheds 12 months out of the year too. You have my sympathies . I understand. I think our house would collapse if I should ever be able to get all the fur out!!!

Nice picture. Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth,

Mine is a villain. He moults 12 months of the year, barks while he is watching tv and sticks his nose in my ear while I'm driving. There are of course other vices, but these are best left unmentioned

GSDs, magnificent dogs. This one is gorgeous.


Krásný, milý...jsou to bezva psi...


Very nice photo ... thank you for sharing

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