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How ironic is this.....

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An "Asian" Ladybug sitting on an "Oriental Poppy" seedhead....

Maybe it's waiting for the opium dripping down???☺☺
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No worries, Patsy ♥♥....we often come across 'facts' in certain articles that don't make sense!☺☺☺
I'm glad that at least the article in your link didn't mention how to 'kill' Ladybugs.
Too often when you click on some info of a certain insect the second or third indention is how to 'fight' them and usually accompanied by the text to use pesticide! aarrg.

@Impie and everybody: Sorry! I should have read that article more closely and looked at the pictures carefully before I posted the link. I agree it was wrong, wrong, wrong! ~Patsy


LOL, Ella, a Poppy coma! ☺☺ I guess she probably was on her way "home"....the Poppies sit close to the Canadian Spruce where Ladybugs overwinter in! ☺☺
One seed will surely put her in a coma of at least make her fly 'high'! LOL

Thanks for the link, Patsy, I've watched it together with Liertje. I wonder where the writer gets all the information from. I definitely don't know very much of Ladybugs, but some things were not right especially the photo of the larvae of the red bugs and the eggs. It's a bug alright which we call "Wants" in Dutch but isn't even a beetle. They will eat from a stem and/or leaf.
A Ladybug larvae looks like this (see the link)

I don't have a photo of the eggs, but a Ladybug lays her eggs on the underside of a leaf and those are tiny YELLOW dots!!! ☺☺

Thank you, GG. I guess Ella was right about it just having a rest, when I checked later on it was gone....not in a Poppy seed coma! ☺


I love this photo, Impie! That little Ladybug sets it off very nicely! ☺

It's looking for aphids or other food.
A great article, best if your browser has an ad blocker:


Just taking a little rest in a cozy little nest before moving on or maybe she'll explore a little further. Just nibbling one poppy seed would put her in a coma!


I wonder, Anne:-)) ...but it does make for a 'special' photo☺

I thought so too, Dobra! ☺
Indeed they do, Faye, though I do think it just landed there for no reason! 😊🐞😊

Isn't it just, Kathie. No, no Parakeet bite. They are still in the area, I can hear them daily, but I've never had them on my Poppy seedheads...the longest stems of the Poppies are about 1.10 m ...Keets never land in my garden this low !☺

Glad it made you smile, Patsy :-))

LOL nillie, now you mention it, I see it too, it does indeed....:-))
Thanks and good night♥♥


This seedhead is similar to a street lamp in previous centuries as seen sometimes in so-called period films, except of its color :-)) Interesting picture!! Thanks Impie and good night♥♥



Ironic, for sure! ...and not ONE Parakeet beak bite! Actually, great pod! Many future
poppies inside! I Like this! I love ladybugs....k


The sepals make a lovely cup...just ladybug size! 😊🐞😊


That's funny!


Aw, poor baby, Mother Nature told him wrong I guess?

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