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4 at the feeder, one waiting on a branch (on the left)

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My! You do have lots of beautiful sparrows. We do have a few here (house sparrow, hedge sparrow, tree sparrow and whitethroat) but I only ever see the house sparrow. Must be great to be able to see so many different ones!


Hi, Schutkleur. I'm pretty sure they are all sparrows. We have many, many varieties of sparrows in North America.

I did a quick search and came up with this: Some we only see once in a while, like the chipping sparrow, song sparrow, or the white crowned sparrow. We also have one known as the English sparrow. Some sparrows have a finch-like beak. When we count birds for the Great Backyard Bird Count we only say sparrows and don't try to identify which ones. There can be so many at a time at the feeder that we don't try to identify them during the count. We usually only focus our identifying skills on the ones that come now and then because they are so unique to see. ; )


Are these finches, Roseheather??


Thank you, PLG. ; )


Precious friends! Thanks, RH!