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A hungry tradie :)

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“Some Aussie legend from Melbourne has driven his forklift through the drive-through of a Hungry Jack’s, and it’s things like this that make me stop what I’m doing and appreciate the greatness of this country.”
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Maybe the cowboys thought “horsey riding” didn’t sound macho enough.

Hoff, don't get kicked in the head.


Yes, but I generally refer to it as horsebelly riding.


Always wondered why Mericans call it horseback riding. Can you ride other parts of the horse? Tho expect Hoff would be hanging underneath.


I'm surprised forklifts are so rare in Stralia.


I wonder if a power chair is legal when drunk?
There was a guy that parked is horse in the grocery store parking lot. I used to see it often.

Drunk horseback riding happens here as well


Thank you for the excellence of that translation!

I bet that horse never lived down the tawdriness of that event, back in his stable.


If you had one of these you could help people park their cars, two or three high.. what fun :-)

A pallet of Whoppers please.


A woman in Straya was charged for drunk driving a horse.


People on horses don’t get served.

This dude is driving a road registered forklift.


If I am upside down to you, would I be right side up to me?

Everyone needs to eat.

There are pictures of people on horseback going thru the drive-thru.


You would fit in well here, sloth. I have picked a branch for you to hang out in.


That is because all the blood rushes to their heads.

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