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Lace Kelly

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Yarn& pattern was a Christmas gift.
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  1. like921151:06
  2. Bexter1:18
  3. nedkelly1:20
  4. teelee1:28
  5. upswife31:35
  6. puzzaddled1:41
  7. mwms1:49
  8. granlin1:51
  9. helen12341:54
  10. bulldog421:56


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I knit them double pointed needles (I don't know how to crochet, but then I haven't really looked into it). I've never knit with a loom so I don't have any pointers on those :(

This particular pattern was from a Soak kit my parents got me for Christmas but there are tons of free patterns on It's a knitter/crocheter site, free to join and full of amazing patterns, tips, etc, forums. Ravelry can also help you find a yarn store in your area which may offer lessons or you can always hit up YouTube! Lots of amazing videos to follow (I hit them up on occasion for stitches I'm unsure of)


These are so beautiful! You made these yourself, wow, I'm very impressed! My name is Monica by the way, and I'm a jigidi friend of your mother's! She asked me to stop by to check out your Poppy pic but then my eyes clamped on this pic right after. Were these made the old fashioned way or with a loom? I guess I should ask first if you knitted or crocheted them? I knit but only with the looms, they are sort of limited though as far as what you can do with them! I'd very much like to learn how to do something like this! They are truly lovely, and would make nice Christmas gifts to all of my female friends and family! Perhaps you could give me a few pointers or let me know where the pattern came from, or should I be asking your mother for that info! L.O.L. I mean, since it was a gift and all. It was very nice to meet you Bexter!


You're welcome, sweetie. I cannot believe that you made these so quickly; you only just started them!

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