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Dinmore Manor, Westhope, Herefordshire. Photo by Trevor Rickard

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It's a must for the list Phyllis. You have very interesting ancestry and with a name Templar there must be an involvement with the Knights.
I've been to Somerset on a number of occasions but can't remember if we stopped off at Axbridge. If we go again I will look up 'The Bell Inn'. Thanks...Sue


Hi Sue, what a beautiful building [s] and I was interested to see that there is a involvment with the Knights Templar. Templar is one of my Somerset family names, and like the Templars from which they came, they were all into hospitality, for want of a better word pubs! If you are ever in Axbridge and see 'The Bell Inn' that was owned by my family, plus many other around Cardiff and Newport.

Templar as a name has been in generations of our family, even in my own. Should we 'list' this one?


It's does have a lot of history and set in such wonderful scenery. Thanks rockman70...Sue


Really beautiful, and so much history


We have strict laws that stops anyone from modernising ancient buildings like this one, thank goodness. Glad you enjoyed Herefordshire 48. Thanks...Sue


I would think if it is lived in full time that there have probably been a lot of upgrades made ... so much rich history here. I would hope that the owner appreciates the history of the property and preserves it as much as possible. A beautiful place indeed. Thanks for a great set today Sue!


A fan of the fab four, still great music after all these years.
It's so kind of you to say you enjoy the puzzles I put on. You must come over and see the sites and if they still do it in Liverpool take the Magical Mystery Tour bus ride which points out the places the Beatles used in their songs. Thank you carol...Sue


I live on the west coast of the US and have never been to Great Britain. I just have to tell you how much I appreciate the pictures you post, along with the history lessons. I hope to get over there in a couple of years. (I have to see Liverpool and Abbey Road!)


Breathtaking gorgeous!! But nobody should be this rich!!! I guess this really fills the bill .... ''A man's home is his castle''!! LOL What a gorgeous house and all those wonderful chimneys as a bonus!!! LOL Many thanks for this one Sue!!! :)))))))))
(time, 5:22)


Hey everyone, here's a snippet about Dinmore Manor that I found on line:
'A building of many parts, which has been developed from the original Knights Templar preceptory which was here in 1189. The cloister on the right leads from the formal gardens to the mainly 14th century chapel of St John of Jerusalem on this side of the building at the centre of the picture. The main part of the huge manor house behind is 16th century. The photographer visited the building many years ago when it was open to the public, but it is now a private residence owned by TV, mobile phone and telecommunications entrepreneur Martin Dawes'.
I'm pleased you all enjoyed the puzzles and I hope this little bit of info makes it even more interesting. Thank you...Sue


Gorgeous; simply gorgeous!!


Imagine setting and cleaning all those fireplaces! The long, front structure reminds me of the Harry Potter walkway. Thank you, Sue.


What a home this is. Its gorgeous tucked into the trees. Is it still being used?? Must have had many servants. Upstairs and downstairs maids, butler like that series on TV. Thanks sue:-))