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Cute Pony

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  2. Ianto0:14
  3. alh0:18
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  6. JennyG660:20
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  10. davehenry10:21


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What a sweet face. A cute pony indeed! Thanks for the puzzle.


@RetiredOakie Sure looks to have Arabian blood with that adorable dished face. We didn't have many blooded horses other than a Morgan team (out of the University of Massachusetts line) broken to saddle and team driving, and a registered Tennessee Walker. A couple other driving horses we had over the years were Standard Bred retirees from the track. They made excellent, unflinching road horses once broke to trot instead of pacing. Of all, my favorite was a pinto that likely had a touch of Percheron in him somewhere (saddle, driving and light work). Younger sister had a very mild-mannered silver dappled registered Arabian stallion she used as a trail horse on endurance rides.


That's cool Jerrys. A friend invited me and my camera to attend a practice session of a horse obstacle course. Never heard of such a thing but it was interesting how some horses thought nothing of stepping over a tire and others stopped and turned away. This horse (Arabian I think) was another friends horse. It was so cute couldn't resist. Thanks for your comments.


@RetiredOkie A sweetie, indeed. Growing up we had riding and driving horses on the farm. There are moments I miss having them now. I drove (single and double hitch) more than rode. Also, when in high school, did some carriage restoration work with my dad and our blacksmith. Good times.


Wow I love it because I never saw a pony before,Nathan,7

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