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Issachar Ber Ryback (Jewish-Ukrainian-French, 1897–1935), Pogrom

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Oil on canvas
29 1/2 x 41 3/8 in (74.9 x 105.1 cm)


Issachar ber Ryback was a leading figure of the Russian Jewish avant-garde alongside El Lissitsky, Nathan Altman, Boris Aronson and Marc Chagall. After moving to Paris in 1926, Ryback developed a profound realistic style which he applied solely to Jewish themes. 'Shtetl. Mayn Chorever Heym, a Gedekniss' (Shtetl, My Destroyed Home. A memorial, 1923), a collection of lithographs immortalising Ryback's home town which was destroyed by pogroms, is perhaps his most memorable work. He went on to produce three more albums: 'Jewish Types of the Ukraine' (1924), 'On the Jewish Fields of the Ukraine' (1926) and 'Shadows of the Past' (1932) — all in his inimitable style incorporating Cubism and folk art. In 1962 a collection of his works formed the basis for the Ryback Museum in Bat Yam, Israel.

Pogrom: an organized massacre of helpless people
specifically : such a massacre of Jews
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The Torah, which is basically the Hebrew Bible, is wrapped in cloth when it is transported. The Talmud is a book of laws; it may be wrapped in a cloth as well, but I would guess than in case of hasty departure, the Torah would take precedence. I would welcome comments from anyone who is more familiar with Jewish customs than I.

i think the men are carrying the alter dressings: the Talmud, candelabra, etc.


You are welcome, Sara. I think many people younger than the Baby Boomers do not recognize what Jewish people have suffered throughout the ages.


When will we ever learn how to treat each other with love and tenderness ! Thank you for this thought provoking painting my dear Blue and for the accompanying information ! 💐🏵🌹🌺 @Bluestockings


You're welcome, @Judyr.

Thank you for doing this puzzles

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