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Another Example of What an Abusive, Neglectful Owner Can Do To An Animal.

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not too much worse than the one reported a few months ago-days without water or feed (and that was just in the time my partner and I kept an eye on the poor beast) no grass in field-pathetic


Thanks again for all you are doing Would love to see another pic in six months time Wish I was there to help you


You are wonderful granny... keep up the good work. This little lady will turn out to be a joy to ride one day... :-)

I'm sure she will be in tip top shape now that she has a good home now. It's nice to now there are great people like you out there. Thank you!


I'm nearly speechless at the inhumanity of some people. But gladdened by the work you and others do ggl. STH summed it up very powerfully, as "kind, and difficult". I can't imagine the things you've seen and awful decisions you've had to make. Although nurturing an animal back to health and happiness would be the reward. On behalf of people who love animals - thank you and we appreciate and honour the work you do.

You too Gail, and your 8 ex-waifs.


I am amazed whenever I read of horse seizures in Oregon. The problem is that some people don't think of their pets, especially horses, as their family. Some don't have the money to care for them, some are negligent and/or cruel. There are not enough rescue organizations to handle them all here, and that's part of the problem ~ people don't have a place to relinquish their horses to be placed in better care facilities. Thanks for what you do, GGL.


Keep up the good work!


It saddens and sickens me to hear such stories. How can people be so cruel to innnocent, beautiful animals?

When I was a kid we rented a couple of stalls at a farm nearby. The people we rented from let this happen to their horse. The hay they had bought to feed him was nothing but sticks but it was cheap. My dad had to fashion a harness to string to poor beast to the rafters in the barn because he couldn't stand up. We fed him our hay and oats and one day one of the kids asked my dad if their horse was getting as much as he gave our horses. They gelded that poor horse and the kids were riding him the next day. If you could only control stupid it would be a better world.


Thank you again for your kind, difficult work.

OMG!!! It's sad how people can treat these beautiful loving creatures this way!!! What goes around comes around!!


This is Good Luck Copper--she was also seized by law enforcement and awarded to Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society. She also is in rehab at my place now and will be fostered here until she is adopted.