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Rock formations at "The Shrine", Bornholm!

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Dear mariolyn, thanks for your comment! I wonder what you have heard, have you any name or headline or things like that? I can tell you that we are NOT content with the way we experience it!! So it's a question who has told something to somebody that has made things better than they are!! Can you help me?


Hanne, I listened to a report on the radio this morning about the way people in Denmark treat people with dementia. I hope that report gets around and more of the world takes note. I think you have the right idea.


Well, I'm so glad to be able to say that I have not many but some more photos because Bent was so sweet to walk a little more than Pia-Maria and I did!! So - you will have lots of fine rocks and views! Thanks so very much Jan!!


Can't get enough of The Shrine! Love the slabs of rock! Thanks so much. It is truly beautiful here, Hanne!


So would I, Ardy, they are so very charming!! Thanks so very much dear!!


Great photo. I'm enjoying seeing things near where you live. Thanks, Hanne. I posted the last of the shop signs this morning.. You made them so interesting. Thank you again. I just wish there were more.