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Anybody Know What This Is?

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I bought these little bulbs(?) awhile back, planted them, then forgot all about them. I don't know where the plant label got to. They are pretty little things---three petals above & three below. As you can tell, I hope, the leaf blades are arranged almost in a rosette & very nearly hug the ground--very little upright-ness. Anybody know? Thanks, Folks. I hate not knowing what my flowers are!!


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Ann i hope your computer troubles are soon over. I left a commant at de fam;Pic on my page.
Keep popping in please. i miss your comments. hugg from me to you


Sorry, puzzaddled & Monica---computer troubles lately. Good idea, Monica...........
puzz, there is just one flower per plant & it stands up very straight about 3" tall & lasts a loooong time. I have 5 of the plants in a circle---I vaguely remember planting them. I think I planted them last Spring & just forgot them. I know I labeled them, I always do. I think the kids pulled it away when they were planting bulbs next to them. Some day I will find out their name. :-) ...............


You should take one of the blooms to your nearest nursery and ask them what it is! They would probably know, wouldn't they?


Almost looks like a blue snowdrop. Do the blooms droop over at all?


Hi AJ, fun puzzle, thanks. The closest I can come up with are Blue eyed grass flowers, Sisyrinchium and Iris family. I find it very hard trying to identify flowers, so many look alike!


OK let's put this to rest. PLANT. Now you know the rest of the story. Where were the transformers you worked on Ann? My Father-in-law has a transformer refurbishing plant in Canada.


Hi Ann - I think it can be some kind of scilla wich is a "group of different plants" but in family. I will carri your good wishes with me :-)


Hi Monica. Sorry, but my B'day is just another day to me. I think it may be because my relatives were always giving me a party (I don't care for them),making me dress up ( which I still hate), giving me 'girly' things (I wanted cap pistols, boots, or jeans), inviting other little girls (who I didn't give a fig about--I liked boys), & insisting I be a gracious hostess (I just wanted to go climb a tree). As to the plant---I don't know if it comes in other colors. I just hate it when I forget, & I always put plant labels with things, don't know what happened to it. The only thing I can figure is when I let the neighbor kids , ahem, 'work' in my beds a few weeks back, & gave them each some bulbs to plant, & showed them where, the kid planting here must have dislodged the label & it got lost in the shuffle. And what amazes me is that nobody here who has seen it can I.D. it! Oh, well, I'll remember it eventually or come across my papers where I ordered them........

Hi there, Sissel. So glad you are back! I had my fingers crossed for you about your first day. I'm so happy it went well. A little scary, though, huh? :-) Good luck, Thursday...............
About the plants---are the leaves like these, flat to the ground? Only one flower per plant? The blossom only about 1" across & 3' high? And I hope they do multiply. Blue is my favorite color and I almost always prefer small, dainty things (even if I WAS a tomboy!). I really like these..........


Dear Ann - have some who has familiere look but dont remember what they are called. They come in spring and spread themselves everywhere. I looks so pretty in april-may with a blue carpet?? My first day went well now I rest until thursday :-)


Great puzzle Ann and very pretty little flower....


By the way Ann, I too have never seen this flower before in my life! But also agree that it is very beautiful! If you do find out what it is perhaps you could find out for me if it does alright in the hot dry summer months like what we get here in Vegas? I'd love to try my luck, and plant some of these in all different colors! Sorry I couldn't help you sweety!...Hugs, Monica


Oh Ann, that's no fun! Birthdays are to be celebrated! Now I won't be able to send you a beautiful birthday card! Oh well, that's o.k. my friend, I understand too! I say this with a sad, heavy heart though!:(((...Monica


OK Ann. Your wish is my command. LOL


Hello, Ank. Thanks very much for the invitation but I will decline. I'm not much into B'days, especially mine & really would rather let it come & go quietly & privately. Thanks, though, for thinking of me.............


Ann I post a Birthday calendar every month. If you want your name on, please add your date on one of my puzzles. I make you a Birthday puzzle and maybe some other friends do too. I post the calendar puzzle two days before the new month starts. Ank


Thanks to each one of you for trying to identify these little beauties. However, none of the suggestions match. These have 6, not 5, close together petals---rounded/oblong, not narrow--- and only about 1" across, are only about 3" high, have low-growing--not upright--blade type leaves, & only one flower & stem per plant. Actually, in a way, they look like a cross between forget me not & glory of the snow with characteristics of both but not totally like either. If I can't find my order papers, I guess I'll just have to call them "Annie's Blue Spring Mystery Flowers"! Hawhaw. But whatever they are I agree with all of you---they ARE lovely. Thank you so much, Friends...........


Sorry Ann, I can't help. They look lovely.


I'm sorry Ann, I don't know but they are VERY lovely!! Must be wonderful to discover them!! Thanks so very much, dear, forget-me-nots, no they are not bulbs, as far as I know!!


Too big for forget-me-not.


I think aggie is correct, I usually go to a seed company catalog, like Jackson and Perkins and search their database, usually find what I am looking for. Thanks for the post, these are dainty.


Maybe forget-me-nots? Here's a link with photos of them: