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Write a Caption Below! Dog

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LOL, Franneke!

"Leave me alone, I ain't got the horn for you!"


I am running out of words for HILARIOUS. I giggled & guffawed my way through this captions several times! They were whatever is beyond GREAT!

Thank you to all of the creative captioners:
JCarroll, Hester, Graciela, Ardy, Torris, Jon, Faye, Like92115, Loveydear, Starlord, Healer, Negated coontempt, and ShutterShutter!


Duck... Duck... Rhino!


This is going to be a close one today Folks!
And now comeing around the last corner we have the Rhino in the lead but the Dashound is short on his heals and gaining....
It's going to be a nail biter to the end................


Sadly, the accidental introduction of dachshunds into the african veldt quickly led to the demise of the once great rhinos.


The Rino pictured here today, is suffering from "Cynaphobia", and is under the care of a local Veterinarian. Together they are working with this very brave small dog to overcome Rino's fear of dogs. We wish them success.


Little Britches may have been somewhat optimistic when ordering the "All You Can Eat" breakfast...this one may need more than a can opener...and it was a little "undercooked" too!


Be careful for what you ask for....Fido may be biting off more than he can chew!


I want a rhino for breakfast today


Playing ring around the rosies could prove fatal to the little one.


I thought the bowl was for me!


Little Pretzel still hadn't worked out HOW he was going to get his prize home once he'd caught it.


The big dog was rumored to be on steroids, thus making the race a bit of a sham....


Get out and stay out!


I'd better run or that little thing will be DOGging me all day.


Watch out I am coming!!


I'm NOT warning you again! Stay out of my kennel or I'm gonna bite you in the ...

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