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Merry Medley! (small)

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Today we get to play in the rain - for the first time! Should be fun! Nothing like the smell of wet dog in front of the fireplace!


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What wonderful comments! Thank you to all of you! I really am thrilled that you liked this one. I made a bunch of these 3 X 3s last September and am so glad that I have them now to post while I'm on this trip! Again - thank you!


These could make wonderful Christmas ornaments! Christmas?? Blimey, where did that year go?? LOL


I really like these kaleidos. Thanks, Jan. I have the large one bookmarked.


Great, how do you find so many designs everyday.


Your designs just keep getting better all the time. Especially liked the top right one!


Great medley Jan! I hope you find some fun things to do with your daughter on this rainy day. I have sleet here and am staying in today.